Sunday, July 24, 2016

Perth Open House Part 2: Bar LaFayette, Connections Bar, Robert Muir Books and London House

Back here again - for part 2 of the Perth Open House series! Before I go on elaborating on the landmarks for today - one of the best parts about Perth Open House was that there was a piano right in the middle of the city - available for anyone to play on! Needless to say, I hopped onto the stool and had quite a nice time :)

Today's post features two distinctly different bars - Bar LaFayette and Connections Bar, as well as a well-established old bookstore (Robert Muir Books), and a commercial building right in the heart of the CBD (London House).

First up - Bar LaFayette. Situated on St Georges' Terrace, Bar LaFayette is a really nice, quaint place for unwinding at the end of the day. It has a whole range of cocktails - and the interior is really warm, cosy, and excellent for just sitting back and chilling. And there're also beautiful paintings on the walls for us to look at. I am not someone who goes to bars - but I was curious about this place as I had previously read about it prior to this event - and so I decided to head there for a look. Ended up relaxing for a bit in the bar, but didn't get a drink. I hope to go there for a drink someday...with company of course. 

Another bar/club I wandered into was Connections - situated in Northbridge. Connections is actually Perth's biggest LGBT nightclub, and has been around for quite some time. I can't imagine how vibrant it gets inside - when parties are being held. I noticed a massive stage for live shows in the club itself, as well as another bar on the second floor, with a rooftop deck for people to chill out on! It was late spring/early summer when I went, and so it wasn't too hot or too cold. Imagine how lovely it would be - to chill out with a drink under the clear skies! 

I ventured backstage too - and spotted lots of beautiful costumes (worn by the performers) all lined up nicely. And there were some props and disco-balls around too. The whole place was vibrant even though it was quiet and there were no parties...yet...

Jacarandas were in full bloom when I went for the Open House - and so I managed to get a picture of one of the jacaranda trees in full bloom while walking to my next destination.

Tried lunch at The Old Crow (Northbridge). I usually don't go to Northbridge for lunch, but I was really hungry that day. Headed off to my next destination after that.

Let's just say that Robert Muir Old and Rare Books (Muir Books) is one of my favourite bookstores in Perth, alongside Boffins Books (in the CBD). I had been searching for the novel "The Tamarind Seed" by Evelyn Anthony for around 4 years...but to no avail. For some reason (which I can't explain), my gut feeling told me that I might actually be able to get a copy of the book from Muir Books. And so I tried my luck...and mission accomplished! I am now a happy owner of "The Tamarind Seed", and the minute I got the book, I immediately started reading it! I am barely halfway through now due to work commitments, but I hope to finish it soon!

Apart from accomplishing my mission at Muir Books, I did have a nice time taking pics in there, and enjoying the atmosphere inside. I love being around books, and this bookstore was the perfect place for me! :) I'd definitely recommend Muir Books if you're looking for a good read - the staff are very friendly and resourceful, and the ambience within the bookstore itself is cosy, peaceful, and friendly.

I spotted a soft toy bookworm while on the way out - and had to take a pic of it. So adorable! To be honest - I do have one of these soft toys too!

Final destination for today (and also the final destination I visited for the Open House) - London House, a commercial building right in the heart of the CBD. I wanted to visit London House last year, but didn't get to do so. This time I managed to squeeze in some time to visit it, and although it was just a quick visit, it was a great experience. I had such a nice time taking pics of the beautiful lobby and also spotted a really interesting cello sculpture! :) Spot the beautiful ceiling details too, as well as the old grandfather's clock right at the end of the lobby. The lobby had a very vintage feel to it.

And that's it for today's post! I hope to post more sometime soon! :) More Open House photos coming up!