Saturday, September 13, 2014

Piccolo's Corner

Looks like the Kings Park Wildflower Festival is in full swing...and we're all in the mood for spring now. The weather's starting to improve (fortunately!). It's time for me to start taking pics of flowers! I can't wait to see tulips and the spring market soon!

But earlier this month, the weather was SO BAD. I went to Fremantle one evening and it had just rained...yet there were still lots of heavy clouds in the sky. So I quickly took some pics (since the entire town was decked out in purple to support the Dockers), rushed into a cafe for dinner, and then managed to catch the bus just before it started raining again! Whoa that was so close...

Other times...I wasn't so lucky. I've been "rained on" at least twice within these couple of weeks...

But nevertheless, it's still fun to take pics during rainy days. My mate and I stopped by Cottlesloe Beach on the way back from a photoshoot, and we decided to hang around for a bit. Check out the dense clouds and the epic waves! The wind was very, very strong and the waves looked really intimidating. There were surfers who were willing to brave the waves though...and they were really good.

On the same day we went to Cottlesloe, the same mate and I decided to try Piccolo's Corner - a little cafe situated in West Leederville...and yes, it is literally situated in a corner! When we were driving to the cafe, I realised that it was situated very near Subiaco - a place I often visit! Looks like I can come here more often :)

Piccolo's Corner is a small, family-run cafe that offers really good brunch, coffee and tea. My mate had been eyeing this cafe for quite some time, and so we decided to go there so that both of us could satisfy our brunch cravings! :) We were fortunate enough to be able to get a spot it was raining outside.

My mate started off with some chai latte - and check out the cute little teapot! Piccolo's Corner has got the most beautiful crockery and cutlery! Even the cup itself is a work of art!

I just couldn't resist taking pics of the teapot...again and again...

And when brunch came - I had to take a mandatory food photo. My mate and I ordered the same dish. So my workload was reduced by half...kind of. Anyway, the smoked salmon was so delicious...and it certainly satisfied my salmon cravings!

Oh yes - check out how beautiful the plate is! It's literally a work of art...

After brunch, my mate sat around for a bit, while I wandered around the cafe, taking pictures. The cafe itself was quirky and had so many trinkets! Here are some of the collections...on various shelves. I was particularly intrigued by the little figurines on one of the shelves, and the little lanterns hanging from the window. Of course, the stained glass decoration of a sailing ship could not be missed too! It was way too prominent.

Each table also had a small decoration, and on the long table we were on, there were some flowers.

Here are some pics of the cafe's interior. To be honest, the cafe is really, really small. It can accomodate maybe 20 people inside, and another 10 or so people outside. Although it was quite squeezy, it was actually very cosy and warm inside. The atmosphere was welcoming, and the place itself had a very comfortable feel. It felt like a little sanctuary for us to relax and have coffee.

The counter, with two chandeliers and some hanging plants. The decorations in the cafe were just so mind-blowing, including the ones behind the counter!

My mate's first comment? "Whoa...check out the number of fruits!!!"

While taking my last few pics of the cafe's interior, I noticed that the clouds had somewhat cleared. So I moved on to taking pics of the exterior. Check out the beautiful wall murals! 

And I spotted this cute letter box too, with rosettes! I love these rosettes...they're just...perfect. I found some rosettes while at Kings Park a while back, and couldn't resist taking pics of them! I've put a pic of a really cute little rosette below the letter box pic!

There's actually an outdoor seating space outside the main cafe building, but because of the rain, it was closed for the day. We were allowed to explore the place though. One of the fences was decorated with colourful plates with flowers, and a vintage bike which served as a support for some flower pots...

I spotted another small bike amongst more potted plants, and also took some pics of the plants hanging from the frangipanni right in the middle of the seating area. The tree was "bald", but had lots of stuff hanging off it. 

I think this is such an innovative idea - using used olive oil cans as flowerpots. Good way to recycle!

Not just olive oil cans, but vintage kettles also do the trick! Lots of rosettes around this area too!

My mate and I spotted a cherry blossom tree right outside the cafe shortly after leaving. Needless to say, I had to stop and take some pictures. Cherry blossoms are so gorgeous...but so short-lived. I've seen some in Melbourne, but this is actually the first time I'm seeing them in Perth! Maybe the wet weather wasn't that bad after all. Speaking of which, the cherry blossoms looked really fresh!

My mate and I got back into the car just as it was about to rain...again. And we headed off to Koko Black for some hot chocolate, and of course, to avoid the rain. After all, Claremont wasn't that far away! As usual, I went for my favourite alchemy cake...but instead of getting the Belgian hot choc (which was way too rich for me), I went for the baby hot choc - a miniature version of the original Belgian hot choc...which was less creamy. It was just perfect!

Looks like I won't be short of pics to post from next week onwards! I can't wait to see tulips again! And of course, I can't wait to go for more wildflower photoshoots! :)